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Field Trips

Field trips meet at the WNMU Fine Arts Center south parking lot unless otherwise noted in each trip listing. Morning meeting time is noted in each listing.
We carpool when possible. NOTE: No Field Trips in December, instead we do the holiday [ Bird Counts ].

Ranney Ranch, Corona, New Mexico

Field Trip Leader: Christopher Rustay, 505-414-0342
Ranch Owner: Nancy Ranney, Ranch phone 575-849-8144
Map to Corona NM (PDF)

Christopher Rustay describes some species we expect to see at the Ranney Ranch. Photo: Terry Timme

Ranney Ranch Trip
On our September field trip, several SWNMA chapter members joined 25 people from all 4 chapters of Audubon in NM on a field trip to the Ranney Ranch in Corona, NM. The ranch enrolled in Audubon’s Conservation Ranching program, a program to enhance and restore millions of acres of grassland bird habitat across the Great Plains.

This recent initiative will allow cattle ranchers to offer a value-added certification program, “bird-friendly beef,” on top of grass-fed certification. More information is available on their website: ranneyranch.com

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