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Field Trips

Field trips meet at the WNMU Fine Arts Center south parking lot unless otherwise noted in each trip listing. Morning meeting time is noted in each listing.
We carpool when possible. NOTE: No Field Trips in December, instead we do the holiday [ Bird Counts ].

The Big Weekend
Celebrating International Migratory Bird Day

Friday, May 12 at 12:00 noon, to Sunday May 14, 12:00 noon

The International Migratory Bird Day was created in 1993 by the Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center to foster a better understanding, appreciation of migratory birds and to raise awareness and protection of areas critical for migratory birds. The goal is to encourage communities to hold events celebrating the wonder and spectacle of bird migration. In 1995 the coordination of the event was turned over to the US Fish & Wildlife Service and National Fish & Wildlife Foundation. The event became so popular it required more people dedicated to organize and coordinate the activities throughout the western hemisphere, so was turned over to the Environment for the Americas in 2007.

Stopover places the birds require to refuel before continuing on their way to their nesting grounds is the focus of this year's Big Day – prefect for recognizing the importance of the Gila Forest and riparian areas within Grant County.

The rules are simple, based on the same principles as a Big Day, individuals and teams go out and count as many species of birds as they can.

  1. please register either as an individual or a group
  2. start time is 12:00 noon Friday May 12 and ends at 12:00 noon Sunday May 14
  3. bird only within Grant County
  4. cannot go on private property unless it is owned by a friend and permission is granted. For example, the ranches in the Gila are off limits, as is the Glenn Ranch off of Ridge Road. You can look from the edges but do not access the properties. 
  5. The Silver City Golf Course is off limits except from the outer edge or if you are playing golf.

A Pot-Luck dinner at Little Walnut Group Picnic area will follow, co-hosted by the Gila Native Plant Society.  Participants should bring a dish to share cups, plates, utensils, your favorite beverage if you don’t want iced-tea or lemonade, which will be provided. Hot-dogs will also be provided. You may show up as early as 1:00 with food being served at 2:00.

spurbirdingEmail notices sent 3-7 days in advance - Audubon's monthly field trips sometimes miss good birding or butterfly possibilities because they must be planned far in advance. To take advantage of bird sightings or lovely weather, when birds or butterflies abound, we have Spur-of -the-moment Field TripsThe email indicates where + when to meet and the destination. So check your email regularly, especially during migration time and when the butterflies and wildflowers start to appear.
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