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Our Water Future

Your Water Your Future
Deming, 2nd Tuesday of the month,
5:15 pm at La Fonda Restaurant

Our series, Your Water Your Future, is offered in Deming at our second Tuesday of the month program, offering a guest speaker presentation about securing a future water supply for you and your family while protecting the Gila River.

The talks address the importance of a free-flowing river for the environment, people and wildlife.  The costs, benefits, feasibility, and alternatives to the proposed Gila River diversion will be discussed. These talks are a great opportunity for residents in the four counties of southwest New Mexico to get involved in how tens of millions of your taxpayer dollars will be spent — to secure our water supply or to divert the Gila River, New Mexico’s last free flowing river.

May 9 — Your Guide to the National Environmental Policy Act & the Gila River Diversion, by Doug Wolfe of the Center for Biological Diversity.

June 13 — Effects of the Gila River Diversion on Gila River Fish, by Dave Propst, former fisheries biologist, NM Department of Game and Fish.

All of the meetings are free and open to the public. They begin at 5:15 PM at the La Fonda restaurant at 601 East Pine Street in Deming. For more information contact us at swnmaudubon@gmail.com.

Notes from Audubon in Deming

At the February Audubon in Deming meeting, Beth Bardwell, Director of Conservation for Audubon New Mexico was the kick-off speaker for the Your Water Your Future series described elsewhere in this newsletter. In her presentation, “Deming’s Water Conservation Alternative to a Gila River Diversion,” she explained how Deming could fill the gap between the local water supply and future water demand by implementing a robust water conservation program.

Deming could receive millions of dollars to implement this water conservation alternative if the NM CAP Entity changed the Joint Powers Agreement to allow available federal funds to flow to community water projects. She also discussed pending state legislation that would strengthen representation, transparency and accountability in water management decisions affecting the Gila River.

SWNMAS holds Deming Audubon meetings on the second Tuesday of the month and everyone is invited to join us at the La Fonda restaurant at 5:15 pm. The restaurant is located at 601 East Pine Street in Deming. See and hear interesting meeting topics while enjoying Deming’s Mexican food. For more information contact us at swnmaudubon@gmail.com.

Arrange a presentation for your civic group, call Lisa, 534-9284.
  • Your Water Future - local water issues program & discussion
  • Characteristics & capacities of our water resources in Southwest NM
  • Local water use patterns & factors influencing future water needs
  • Specific water conservation practices for households, farms, municipalities
  • Financial benefits of water conservation
  • Gila River value and citizens' role in water conservation plans

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