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Monthly Programs begin at 7:00 PM, on the WNMU campus, in HARLAN HALL, 12th & Alabama Streets, Unless otherwise noted in the program listing. Light refreshments are served after the program — all are welcome to attend.
First Friday of the Month Programs will begin again October 6, 2017.

From River to Mountains; Silver City Monarch Aware

Monarch pupae and larvae, by Dale Zimmerman

Friday, OCTOBER 6, 7:00 pm
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By Steve Cary & Dale Zimmerman
Monarch migration is well documented in the eastern U. S. and on the West Coast, but what about Monarchs in New Mexico? How many do we have? Do they breed here? Do they migrate through New Mexico? Who is doing restoration for Monarchs? What lessons have we learned? What are the conservation gaps and resources available? Multi-generational migration is unique to butterflies and the diverse ecosystems within New Mexico provide ample opportunities for migrating Monarchs. However, many questions remain unanswered and more research is needed. Join Steve Cary and Dr. Dale Zimmerman where they will discuss current Monarch trends, information gaps and will show beautiful Monarch images.

Dr. Dale Zimmerman is a Professor Emeritus at Western New Mexico University. Although best known as an ornithologist, he earned three degrees in botany from the University of Michigan. He is a lifelong naturalist, accomplished artist, and photographer with broad biological interests. His life’s work was recently recognized by the American Birding Association with the prestigious Ludlow Griscom Award for Contributions in Regional Ornithology.

Steven J. Cary
Steve was born and educated in Wisconsin where he received his B.S. and M.S. degrees in Geography from the University of Wisconsin, Madison with emphasis in river geomorphology. After arriving in New Mexico in 1980, Steve worked for 18 years helping to protect the State’s rivers and aquifers as a water resource specialist and manager with the NM Environment Department and then Deputy Director of the state’s Office of Natural Resources Trustee. In 1999, Steve became NM State Park’s Natural Resource Planner and Chief Naturalist until recent retirement. While working for NM State Parks, he co-created the Park’s interpretation and education programs which included natural resource inventories and interpretive presentations. He also created the “Reach for the Stars” astronomy program while working for NM State Parks.
Steve is passionate about butterflies and, in his spare time over nearly 30 years, studied and photographed them with many resulting scientific reports and popular articles. Steve has become New Mexico’s unofficial “Butterfly Guy” and frequently gives butterfly walks and lectures, and is the author of Butterfly Landscapes of New Mexico.

Annual Meeting Pot-Luck Picnic &
Election of Officers

Friday, SEPTEMBER 1, 2017
Please join your friends in Southwestern New Mexico Audubon at our annual potluck picnic at the Little Walnut West group-use pavilion. We begin gathering at 4:00 pm to allow time for birding and conversation or, horseshoe game anyone? There is a horseshoe pit and volleyball area there. Bring your equipment and play!

Plan to start eating our potluck picnic at 5:00pm. Please bring a dish to share and your own plates, eating utensils and drinks. After sharing the fine food we will hold a short meeting for our bi-annual election of officers. A nominating committee made up of Allison Boyd, Elroy Limmer and Jackie Blurton selected the following nominees to be on the board of directors.  Nominations will also be accepted from the floor.

    President: Terry Timme
    Vice President: Lisa Fields
    Secretary: Rachelle Bergmann
    Treasurer: Allison Boyd
    Member at-large: Elroy Limmer
    Member at-large: Jackie Blurton

If you are interested in serving on the board, we would love to have you join us. There are other appointed positions where you are also welcome to contribute your talents.

birdsbrewsBirds & Brews - Join Us!
5:15 pm, 4th Thursday of the Month

Little Toad Creek at the corner of Bullard and Broadway. Eat, drink, visit, trip reports, slide shows & programs in the meeting room.

Want to Attend? Contact us: swnmaudubon@gmail.com to receive the announcement email with program details prior to each Birds & Brew. Please RSVP with your name(s) - room occupancy limit is first 30 to sign up.

Tony Godfrey, park technician
Birds and wildlife of the City of Rocks State Park

Karen Blisard & Russ Kleinman

Birds of Trinidad and Tobago
The islands of Trinidad and Tobago offer the best neo-Tropical birding in the Caribbean, being right off the coast of Venezuela. We spent a week there in January, birding and photographing the marvelous array of birds, including the Oilbird, the Trinidad Piping Guan, and thousands of Scarlet Ibis.

Lynn Haugen

My Life Among Laughing Frogs in the Amazonian Rainforest
Tropical frogs exhibit an amazing array of reproductive strategies, including parental care by one or the other parent. For my dissertation research, I spent two years in a remote sector of the Peruvian Amazon searching for evidence of biparental care, in which both parents care for their offspring.

Patricia Taber

Adventures in Nicaragua
The Nicaraguan mountains produce much high quality shade-grown coffee. What they also offer are excellent cloud-forest tropical birding. The “off-the-grid” El Jaguar Ecolodge combines sustainable organic coffee growing with conservation and opportunities to observe the local flora, fauna and birds. The trip ended with tours of the old Colonial architecture of the capital, Managua, and Lake Nicaragua’s Grenada.