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You Need A Permit!!
Did you know that you are required to have a permit to use certain wildlife management areas for hiking, biking and bird watching? WHERE and the Online Permit Purchase system is at wildlife.state.nm.us.

Regional Ecosystems & Birding Locations

Highland Oak-Juniper Canyons/Hillsides of Gila
National Forest are home to 4 jay species, thrashers, sparrows, vireos, warblers, Wild Turkey.
✔ Silver City, Arenas Valley, Pinos Altos, Gallinas Cyn/Hwy 152 [ MAP ]
Riparian Valleys with Cottonwood and Willow
Flycatchers, kingbirds, orioles, waterfowl, warblers, swallows, owls, and woodpeckers.
✔ Mimbres River Valley (15 miles E of SC) [ MAP ]
✔ Gila River Valley Hwy 180 (25 mi W) [ INFO PDF ]
✔ Iron Bridge Conservation Area Hwy 180 (25 mi W) [ INFO PDF ]
Rolling grassland with mountains and scrub
To our south, large flocks of sparrow in the winter. Twelve or more species are possible in a morning drive along Separ Road.
✔ Separ Road (15 miles SW of SC off Hwy 180) [ MAP ]
Chihuahuan desert
Terrain appears quickly southeast of SC. City of Rocks State Park area holds species of wren, thrasher, Long-eared Owls, and Roadrunners.
✔ City of Rocks (10 miles east of SC off Hwy 180) [ MAP ]
✔ Floridas, Spring Cyn, Rock Hound St Park (15 miles SE of Deming) [ INFO PDF ]
Above 7000 feet in the Gila Forest
Habitat of mountain spruce and pine, home to unique species such as the Olive and Red-faced Warblers, Painted Redstart. Expect to find three species of nuthatches, vireos, and a variety of woodpeckers.
✔ Cherry Creek/McMillan campgrounds (12 miles N of SC on Hwy 15) [ MAP ]
Sonoran desert
Plant communities to the West near the Arizona border hold Gray Vireo, Bell's Vireo, Montezuma Quail, and possibly Abert's Towhee.
✔ Red Rock (25 miles W of SC near the Gila River)