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13th Annual Gila River Festival
September 21-24, 2017

The event offers a wide range of experiences to bring you closer to understanding the uniqueness of New Mexico’s last free-flowing river. Check out the full schedule at www.gilariverfestival.org.

Email notices sent 3-7 days in advance - Monthly field trips sometimes miss good birding opportunities. To take advantage of great weather, when birds or butterflies abound, we started "Spur-of -the-moment Field Trips."
A notice is emailed to SWNMA members 3-7 days in advance, indicating where and when to meet and the destination. Watch for email, especially during migration season.
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Farewell Western Scrub-Jay!

We have an important update for those of you living in the Western Scrub-Jay’s range: this species is being split into two. The “coastal” form (now the California Scrub-Jay) and the “interior” form (now Woodhouse’s Scrub-Jay); the California Scrub-Jay is darker, while the Woodhouse’s Scrub-Jay is pale. Really?! Check it out . . .