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The Southwestern New Mexico Audubon Society serves communities in four counties;
Silver City, Deming, Lordsburg, Glenwood, Cliff, Reserve, the Mimbres Valley, and the Gila National Forest.

Monthly Programs, Field Trips, Annual Bird CountsEducation, Conservation, Regional Habitat,
and Audubon Membership

Contact → swnmaudubon@gmail.com

Gila River Festival
September 20-23, 2018

The 14th annual Gila River Festival will celebrate the 50th anniversary of the signing of the Wild and Scenic Rivers Act with guest speakers, field trips and more.

Full Festival schedule, dates, times, details can be found at www.Gilariverfestival.org

Tucson Audubon
FLY! Gala - November 3, 2018

Keynote - Birding Without Borders: An Epic World Big Year
Noah Strycker of Oregon became the first human to see more than half of the planet’s bird species in a single, year-long, round-the-world birding trip. Evening dinner program, Meet & Greet reception, Birding with Noah.
More Info & Tickets →

Thanks to Our Generous Friends

May 2018 proved to be a month when members and friends of SWNM Audubon stepped up and confirmed their support by opening their checkbooks. We asked for support for two independent activities and were heartened by your response — Give Grandly and Audubon New Mexico Birdathon.

Give Grandly, an annual Grant County fundraiser for non-profits raised $160,000 county-wide for 54 local organizations. SWNM Audubon received over $500 in donations online and $600 at the May 5th downtown event. In addition, the organizers donated $250 to each organization. We are very grateful to all of those who were so generous.

In the first statewide Birdathon organized by Audubon New Mexico, SWNM Audubon was well represented with three teams of birders: Team Black Caps, made up of Julian Lee and Lynn Haugen; Team Meghan and John, consisting of Meghan Ruehmann and John Money; and Team Buff with Jarrod Swackhammer and Jess DeMoss.

Each team counted birds during a 24-hour period, on any day during the first three weeks of May. A total of 215 species were spotted statewide, with awards given in various categories. The Black Caps won the award for the most unexpected species, a Northern Waterthrush. The Buffs received the Night Owl award for the most nocturnal species seen or heard, Flamulated Owl, Great Horned Owl, Mexican Spotted Owl, and Mexican Whip-poor-will. The Best Travelogue award went to Team Megan and John for their delightful adventure commentary, which we share here: 

“A great Birdathon day brought 116 species in Grant County at a handful of favorite birding spots. Camped at Gila Bird Area, we woke in the middle of the night to a pair of Western Screech Owls. Species #1! Highlight of the day was how it ended. We parked on the side of the road, turned off the engine and sat in silence waiting for darkness to fall in hopes of a few nocturnal targets. A couple diesel engines roared by and after all was quiet again, a Mexican Spotted Owl silently swooped across the road to perch on a snag in the half-light, watching the ground for prey. Two minutes later it was out of sight as quickly as it appeared. All while the White-throated Swifts were chattering high along the cliffs and two Dusky-capped Flycatchers were winding down their mournful whistling for the day. One lone Hermit Thrush was still sending its flute-like notes out into the hills, and soon a few Mexican Whip-poor-wills started up for the night.”

Thank you Birdathon participants and their wonderful sponsors!

SWNMA Defends San Vicente Creek

The San Vicente Creek trail south of the Highway 90 bridge is one of four trails highlighted in the SWNM Audubon Greenways brochure. This riparian habitat is home for at least 139 bird species and a pair of nesting Common black hawks. SWNM Audubon is among several organizations that asked the Town of Silver City to better protect the trail from off-road vehicles (ORV) that cause significant trail damage. Since then, trail maintenance staff installed/repaired gates at primary trail entry points. If you find damage or ORV riders, please report it to the Silver City police at 575-388-8840.

Year of the Bird

Audubon and other organizations have designated 2018 as Year of the Bird. This year marks the 100th anniversary of the Migratory Bird Treaty Act (MBTA). This act, which arose out of the massive slaughter of birds for the millinery trade, has provided protection for countless species of birds but is currently under extreme threat from Congress and President. See: www.nationalgeographic.com/birdsMatter.
Photo: Dale & Marian Zimmerman