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Conservation Programs & Activities

Be bird, butterfly and bee friendly!

It’s easy to not harm swallows and other birds, as well as insect pollinators such as butterflies and bees!

Simply avoid using pesticides and harsh cleaning products, like bleach, anywhere outside of your house. Be aware that pesticides include all types of insect control (insecticide), rodent control (rodenticide) and weed control (herbicide) products. Stick to mild biodegradable soaps for outdoor cleaning of lawn furniture, etc. To make your own safe, homemade, insecticides see: treehugger.com/lawn-garden/8-natural-homemade-insecticides.

Bird, Butterfly and Bee (B3) Friendly Audubon Grant

National Audubon Society (NAS) occasionally offers grants for chapters to achieve goals that align with the five strategic conservation priorities of NAS. One of those is to promote bird-friendly communities. SWNMA received funds to help make Silver City a Bird Butterfly and Bee (B3) Friendly Community. SWNMA is developing an education campaign coordinated with Gila Native Plant Society and Grant County Bee Keepers. Our ultimate goal is to connect people with birds and pollinators.

Cliff Swallows

Another focus of the grant is to address a local threat to birds. Silver City is fortunate to have a breeding population of Cliff swallows. Swallows build colonial mud nests on the overhangs of buildings and bridges throughout our community. Unfortunately, the owners of some of those buildings consider the swallows a nuisance and forcibly remove the nests.

We will survey where the swallows are nesting and attempt to work with building owners to educate them on the value of swallows and offer alternative ways to discourage them from nesting in inappropriate locations.

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Conservation Endowment

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Western Rivers Action Networkactionnetwork_waterdrop

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The Gila River, New Mexico's last wild river, has been named one of the country’s most endangered by American Rivers. Healthy rivers are essential to our livelihoods and wildlife. Audubon New Mexico is working to improve river health and resiliency. We CAN help.

Help the Birds - Become a FeederWatcher

Every bird observation reported makes a difference. More than 20,000 FeederWatchers contribute their data by reporting the highest number of each species they see at their feeders during periodic two-day counts through early April. It is simple and a great activity for families and school groups.
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You Need A Permit!
Did you know that you are required to have a permit to use certain wildlife management areas for hiking, biking and bird watching? WHERE and the Online Permit Purchase system is at wildlife.state.nm.us.